Harry Potter Hedwig Inspired Cupcakes


The Inspiration

Are these owls not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?  I recently picked up a new cookbook called “Nerdy Nummies” by Rosanna Pansino.  Rosanna is a YouTuber who focuses mostly and baking “nerdy” treats.  Sofie and I found her channel when we were searching YouTube for baking videos.

Rosanna’s cookbook is a sci-fi/video-gamer nerd’s dream.  And I am the self-proclaimed nerd of the family.   There are recipes for all sorts of things, from video game controllers to World of Warcraft inspired mana and health potions (yes, I play).   When I saw the recipe for these cupcakes, I immediately thought of Harry Potter’s owl, Hedwig and I had to make them.

Assembling the cupcakes isn’t as hard as it looks!

They look like a lot of work but honestly they were quite simple to make.  I used the white cake recipe in the book, which is delicious by the way, and then followed the instructions for assembling the decorations.  The eyes are mini Oreo cookies halved with M&M’s for the pupil.  Another orange M&M represents the beak and almond slivers represent the feathers.  Finally I piped on little accents to represent feathers on their little chests.  Even looking at them in these photos I’m smiling because they are just so stinkin’ cute!


I can already envision these cupcakes on a proper stand at a Harry Potter themed Halloween party.  Personally I just love owls so I really don’t need any special reason to have more owls “flying” around my house.

Let me know if you try out this recipe and tag me in your photos.  I’d LOVE to see your creations!  You can find me on Twitter @roseofthecity, Instagram @roseofthecity, and on Facebook.

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2 thoughts on “Harry Potter Hedwig Inspired Cupcakes”

  1. My 9 year old has discovered Harry Potter and loves the movies I should make these cupcakes when we watch the last movie together as a celebration she watched them all. So far we are on the 4th Harry Potter.


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